Moving interstate is a great way to explore a new lifestyle or better career opportunities. Living in such a big country means that moving interstate can often feel as though you are moving overseas. Think about the differences between Melbourne and Darwin, or even Sydney and Perth, and you’ll soon realise why moving interstate is such a big deal.

Of course, moving is always a mixture of excitement and stress, but with the right advice, you can get rid of the stress and strain. Here are the tips you need for an excellent interstate move.

Start as Early as Possible

An interstate move is definitely not something you want to rush. If you’re a procrastinator or the type of person who likes to leave things to the last minute, you need to change your ways. Trying to pack and move everything in one, or even two weekends just isn’t possible. You’ll have a far more successful move if you do a little bit each day.

You need to start packing and preparing almost as soon as you have set a moving date. There’s no such thing as starting too early, especially when you can begin by packing things like books, records, CDs, documents, fragile items and anything else that you rarely use.

Work to a System

You need to have a clear plan to work to when you’re moving interstate. You can’t just walk around your home aimlessly throwing things in boxes—your items will end up either forgotten or broken, and come moving day, you’ll realise you’re nowhere near finished.

So, get yourself a checklist. A checklist doesn’t just give you a list of things to do; it gives you a timeframe. With a checklist, you get monthly, weekly and even daily goals. Plus, you get the satisfaction of marking off your progress.

We’ve created the Ultimate Moving Checklist to help you plan your interstate move. It is based on over 70 years of moving experience, so you know it’s comprehensive. And, if you work through it step-by-step, you’re all but guaranteed a stress-free interstate move.

Make Sure Your New Home Is Ready to Move Into

There’s nothing worse than doing all the work at home only to realise that your new home isn’t ready to move into. There are countless stories of keys not being prepared, the house being left in an unacceptable order or even breakdowns in communication regarding settlement dates.

Don’t just assume that everything has been taken care of at your new address. Make sure you maintain communication with the appropriate parties to avoid any unforeseen issues. You also need to communicate with your mover and ensure they are aware of access points and move in times and dates at your new home.

Think Long and Hard About What You Actually Want to Pack

Moving interstate is a big undertaking. By reducing the volume of the items you need to move, not only will you reduce your stress levels, you’ll make your new life a whole lot easier to set up. Don’t go through the expense and effort of moving things that won’t hold a place in your new life. If you’re moving from Melbourne to Darwin, get rid of your winter gear. If you’re retiring and moving from Sydney to Lennox Heads, get rid of all your business suits and briefcases.

You’ll be amazed by how many things you have in your home that you don’t need or use. Simplify your big move by cutting the excess.

Read our How to Declutter Before Moving House Checklist for the expert take on cutting the excess from your life.

Get as Much Professional Help as Possible

There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing your moving tasks. It can save you oodles of time and heartache. Make sure you take a look through the extra services your removalist offers and make the most of them.

Professional packers and unpackers are an incredible resource for an interstate move. They will pack and unpack in record time and do it in a way that protects all your items. This will also give you time to focus on other aspects of the move, like tying up your professional life, getting organised for your new job or finding new schools for your kids.

You can also make use of other extra services like vehicle transport, pet boarding, house cleaning and even handyman services.

Keeping Costs Down

If your moving costs are spiralling out of control, chances are you’ll be feeling pretty stressed. There’s nothing worse than having the excitement of your new life derailed by the fact that the entire operation has cost a lot more than it needed to.

You can keep your moving costs down by cutting down on the volume of your possessions, choosing a reputable interstate moving company, setting a move date outside of peak seasons, and packing carefully.

Read our guide on How to Move Interstate on a Budget for even more information on keeping your interstate removals costs down.

Planning an interstate move can feel stressful and overwhelming. While parting with some possessions, packing and shortlisting removalists can be difficult at first, it’s a lot easier once you start. To take the stress out of your interstate move, contact Kent Removals & Storage today!