Think a small move is easy? Think again. No matter how small your move is, you can always expect a few minor difficulties to rear their head along the way. You need to devote the same attention into planning, preparation and packing as you would with a large move.

But, if you employ a few expert tips, you can save a lot of time and money, and your small move is sure to run like a dream.

Make Some Money and Make Your Move Even Smaller

Moving the contents of a studio or small apartment can become an expensive exercise if you don’t cut down on the volume of your possessions. After all, the cost of your move is directly proportional to the volume of items you’re needing to move! Once you empty all those cupboards and other storage spaces, you’ll be surprised at just how much stuff you’ve accumulated.

By decluttering and then selling or donating any unwanted items, you’ll cut down on the costs of your move and maybe even make some money along the way. You can quickly make a couple of hundred dollars by selling a dresser you don’t like anymore, and even more money by putting some clothes up for sale.

You can learn more about the art of decluttering by reading our How to Declutter Before Moving House Checklist.

Don’t Skimp on Packing Materials

The one area where you don’t want to cut corners to save money is on your packing materials. Quality packing materials save you money in the long run—they will protect your items and keep you from having to replace them.

At a minimum, you need to invest in the following for your small move:

  • New moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic wrap
  • Permanent marker
  • Custom boxes for TVs, artwork and other precious items.

Your moving provider will be able to assist you in sourcing these items, and you may even be able to resell them after your move is complete.

Choose a Quality Moving Provider

The right provider won’t necessarily be the cheapest one. The right removalist will be able to deliver on everything they promise and ensure all your items are delivered intact and on time. Any money you save by simply going with the least expensive option will be quickly undone by damage caused by improper moving techniques.

The qualities you should look for in a moving provider are:

  • Carrying appropriate licensing and accreditation, including ISO certification
  • Holding insurances, such as Worker’s Compensations and Public Liability Insurance
  • Having a good reputation in the industry, shown through positive online reviews
  • The provision of a range of services, outside of just picking up and dropping off
  • Accepting all forms of payment
  • Reasonable cancellation policies
  • Provision of storage.

Put the time into choosing your removals team, and you’ll save a lot of time and money.

Time Your Move

It may seem logical to organise your move during a holiday period because you’ll have the time off, but you’ll find that many services related to a removal will actually be more expensive during these peak periods. If you can, time your move, outside these peak periods.

You’re far better off doing your move midweek, and in a non-holiday period than you are moving on a public holiday, during school holidays or even on the weekend. You may have to take a day or two off work, but you’ll be rewarded with a lower moving bill.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Even a small move can take time to prepare. You definitely don’t want to try to pack everything in one or two days. Rushing your packing is a recipe for breakage, which only adds to cost and time. Instead, aim to do a little bit each day over the course of a few weeks. You can start by packing things you don’t use very often, like books and CDs and keep working through until the last day where all you have to do is pack up your everyday items.

You should also download our Ultimate Moving Checklist. This takes you through the entire moving journey and will help you ensure everything is ready by the time moving day comes around.

Take Advantage of Extra Services

You can save a lot of money by bundling extras into your removals bill. For example, you could ask your provider to take care of your pet transport, vehicle transit and even handyman needs. You also enjoy the convenience of only having to deal with one point of contact, and you’ll only have to pay one bill.

Make Your Removalists’ Lives Easier

You can do a few things to keep your move simple and make sure there are no added costs. This includes:

  • Providing a clear moving plan which includes access points at both addresses, as well as a floor plan of your new address
  • Removing drawers from wardrobes, and making sure everything else is ready to be loaded onto the truck
  • Ensuring that any date or time changes are communicated to the company immediately.

Even a small move can feel like far more work than it actually is. While parting with some possessions, packing and shortlisting removalists can be difficult at first, it’s a lot easier once you start. To take the stress out of your small move, contact Kent Removals & Storage today!